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        ABOUT US

            As a Fortune Global 500 company, the largest construction and real estate conglomerate in the world, a partially-owned subsidiary of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) - a large-scale listed central enterprise directly under the control of the State-owned Assets Supervision and the Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), CSCEC Xinjiang Construction & Engineering (Group) Co ltd (XCEGCL), which was founded in 1950, has experienced important stages of development such as the Xinjiang Military District Engineering Department, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Engineering Department, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Architectural Engineering 1st Division,Xinjiang Construction and Installation Engineering Corporation,  Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Construction Engineering Bureau, and Xinjiang Construction Engineering Group. It has forged a profound corporate culture and a glorious tradition centering on &ldquo;military reclamation and guarding the borders, working with perseverance, and upholding integrity&rdquo;, and has made outstanding contributions to Xinjiang's prosperity and economic development. On June 18th, 2010, CSCEC successfully reorganized Xinjiang Construction Engineering Group. In June 2012, Xinjiang Construction Engineering Group officially became a listed subsidiary of CSCEC.   

            XCEGCL, which currently has six branch offices, six wholly-owned subsidiaries and three partially-owned subsidiaries (including the listed company&mdash;China West Construction Group Co ltd), is the only company in Xinjiang certified with the Special Grade EPC Qualification for Building Construction Projects, it has eight EPC qualifications including Municipal Public Projects EPC Qualification Grade A, Highway Construction Projects EPC Qualification Grade A, 12 specialized contracting qualifications such as Architectural Decoration Project Specialized Contracting Qualification Grade A. Meanwhile it is entitled to the right of operating in overseas contracting projects and transit trade. It has formed an operation pattern that covers all of Xinjiang with Wuchang as its center; it covers Northeast China and North China with Beijing as its center; it covers Southwest China with Chengdu and Chongqing as its centers; it covers Northwest China with Xi'an as its center. Moreover, it has been successively contracted to build large or extremely large-scale projects in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Mongolia, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, etc.

            XCEGCL engages in eight large industrial areas including research design, urban investment and overall development, infrastructure investment and construction, real estate investment and development, housing construction, building materials manufacturing, industrial installation, and overseas projects. It has undertaken a large number of key projects in Xinjiang and local landmark building projects, for example: Xinjiang People's Great Hall, Xinjiang's tallest building Zhongtian Plaza, Xinjiang Gymnasium, Xinjiang Museum, Urumchi International Airport&rsquo;s terminal building, Xinjiang Times Square, the Urumchi-Kuytun Expressway, etc. Eight of its projects have been awarded the &ldquo;Lu Ban Prize&rdquo;, the highest honor in the Chinese construction industry, one project has won the Jeme Tien Yow Civil Engineering Prize. In addition, it has been awarded over 800 provincial-level prizes in total, with its comprehensive strength far surpassing its counterparts in Xinjiang.

            As an enterprise technological center at the autonomous region level, XCEGCL owns the only comprehensive construction and scientific research institute in Xinjiang, which has formed an advanced, modern construction and scientific research and application system that can fulfil the needs of the market. XCEGCL has always stuck to its quality concept of &ldquo;rendering the services of CSCEC to the whole world, attaching great importance to the process with quality of the utmost importance&rdquo;, and to its environmental-friendly operation principle of &ldquo;green construction based on a harmonious environment, cherishing life most and putting safe operations first&rdquo;. This brand image has won high praise from the Xinjiang, China and overseas markets.

        During the Twelfth Five-year Plan period, XCEGCL will take on &ldquo;guaranteeing quality and creating values&rdquo; as its mission, make financing and investment a top priority, and make full use of the comprehensive competitive edges brought about by integrating investment development, planning and design, construction and contracting, and infrastructure construction so as to put into practice the transformation and upgrade of the industrial structure and business model. XCEGCL will stick to the path of being industrialized, technology-oriented, high-end and capitalized by focusing on developing its three pillars of business, namely:  housing construction, infrastructure construction and real estate development. XCEGCL will devote itself to becoming the most competitive real estate conglomerate in Xinjiang, to topping the list of CSCEC's subsidiaries, and to becoming the most famous and competitive brand in the Xinjiang construction industry with the highest management level, the highest level of internationalization and the highest happiness index by the end of the Twelfth Five-year Plan period.


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